Serial Killer
Serial Killer

Serial Killer

From victim to perpetrator

Serial Killer a real experience, direct contact between victim and executioner, for the first time exhibited in Italy directly from London.

The first part of the exhibition will make you live a real experience in the scenes of the crimes, you enter the tour groups, the visit is led by autonomous and free audio guides, available in 5 languages.

A staff person will always be present with the group for any problems or need, we will travel in the crimes of the past, we know Serial Killer hungry for power and money …..

Our trip will last about an hour, at the end you have to deposit at the Reception hearing aids and you can freely go upstairs, here the visit will be free, to be able entare contact with the victims and their executioners, thanks to the “Museum Criminological art “, original exhibits of items that belonged to famous serial killers, crime scenes, original photos, shocking objects of torture and more.

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